Baby Powder Lawsuit TV Commercial

Did you see a TV commercial notifying ovarian cancer patients about a new series of lawsuits filed over baby powders? It’s true: thousands of women have filed suit against Johnson & Johnson, claiming the company never told us about its popular product’s link to an increased risk of ovarian cancer.

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We all know that cancer is one of the most expensive diseases to treat. At, we do not produce talc lawsuit television commercials, but we are devoted to helping cancer patients and their families find lasting sources of support. You should be focusing on getting better, not covering your bills. That’s why we’ve joined forces with a group of experienced product liability attorneys, who are offering free consultations to any one who believes repeated use of a baby powder may have caused their or a loved one’s ovarian cancer.

Huge Verdicts Leave J&J Bracing For Talc Lawsuits

While medical researchers are still struggling to understand the causes of cancer, dozens of studies have found that baby powders containing the mineral talc may increase the risk for developing ovarian cancer. In fact, scientists have suspected talc as a potential cause of ovarian cancer for more than 40 years.

In three recent talcum powder lawsuits, state court juries handed down huge verdicts in favor of ovarian cancer patients, awarding millions of dollars to women who said they had been using Johnson & Johnson’s talcum powders for decades. While the company continues to deny any link between its baby powders and ovarian cancer, juries have been convinced, at the least, that Johnson & Johnson employees were aware of the studies but never told the public.

Baby Powder On Table

What Johnson & Johnson will do next is anyone’s guess. Conceivably, the company could settle the remaining cases and avoid years of litigation, huge court costs and a ton of bad press. Beyond a hasty settlement, J&J has little choice but fight it out in court against every Plaintiff. As we’ve seen, the company has already lost three such fights.

Is This A Class Action?

No, this isn’t a class action. Women are filing individual personal injury lawsuits. While it’s common for similar lawsuits to be “consolidated” in a single court, that hasn’t happened yet, either.

A baby powder class action was filed against Johnson & Johnson in 2015, but that case was dismissed. To pursue a tort claim, you have to show the court that you suffered some real injury or harm. The women who filed the class action, however, never actually developed ovarian cancer. They just argued that, if they had known of talcum powder’s link to ovarian cancer, they would never have purchased the product. For the American civil court system, that’s not enough.

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