Welcome to Her War On Cancer! This website was designed to help provide you with succinct, important information following a recent cancer diagnosis. The features include a general overview of the most common types of cancer, tips for coping with treatment and cancer symptoms, and valuable information on the many resources available to you. By putting this information at your fingertips, we  hope to encourage cancer prevention as well as choices that promote early detection and intelligent, educated treatment. Through increased education and awareness comes hope. Wishing you all the best on your personal journey.

    Recently Diagnosed?

    If you were just diagnosed with cancer you are likely overwhelmed and unsure of where to turn. Our “just diagnosed” guide was designed to help narrow things down and prioritize your next steps based on what is truly important. It provides ideas on what is most important to ask your physician and what information should be written down immediately for further research. This comprehensive guide provides a great starting point to help you focus on handling your diagnosis and treatments in the best way possible.

    Educate and Empower Yourself

    Her War On Cancer offers a full list of resources so that you can empower yourself with education during this process. It is important to know as much as possible about your cancer, your options, your rights, and the assistance that is available to you. These resources aim to empower you, while also offering support by connecting you with others who have been in your shoes and know exactly what you are going through, or those who are facing challenges that are very similar.

    Free Legal Consultations

    After your diagnosis you may start to worry about paying bills and whether you can get paid time off work or some disability. Our law firm sponsors have contributed some great resources to this site. If you have questions about social security disability, or whether the FMLA will apply to you, or if your cancer was worsened by a delayed diagnosis, or if your cancer was caused or your prognosis worsened because of a dangerous drug or device, then you will get those answers here. Click on any of the below if relevant to your situation.





    You are likely seeing television commercials and Facebook ads about the power morcellator and hysterectomies being linked to spreading cancer.

    This has been very upsetting to many of our members given the recent allegations coming out in many lawsuits that have been filed. These allegations state that the manufacturers of the power morcellator knew about the risks of spreading leiomyosarcoma, but chose corporate profits over human lives.

    This month we are featuring information on the power morcellator to make sure anyone effected by it:

    a) knows that this may have caused them harm; and

    b) to spread awareness about the risks of undergoing a power morcellation procedure for removal of fibroids.

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